Customize your packages in your online store shipments

In an online store, shipping is a very important part of the business and it must be taken very seriously so that the customer feels totally satisfied. In order to pamper this part of the sale, three very important aspects must be taken into account:

-The security of the package. In shipping it must reach the customer in perfect condition. That is why it must be wrapped correctly and with all precautions so that its content is not damaged. This is especially important if you send things that can break or deform. Therefore, it is necessary to have boxes and packaging objects suitable for the type of product that is being sold.

If the content arrives damaged, the customer will demand its return, which will be an expense for the store in addition to affecting its image.

-Customization. When a customer receives a package, he always feels the illusion of someone who receives a gift, even when he knows what it contains. Therefore, the presence of the package is very important. Unless the type of product being sold requires great discretion, it is a good idea that the boxes are personalized with the company logo, that they are beautiful and attractive and that all the details are taken care of, such as the custom elastic tape to pack and close the boxes.

It is even possible to have personalized gift boxes that can be offered as an option to the customer so that, if he wants to give something from the store, he can do it with the best presentation and sending it directly to the recipient of the gift without including the invoice and, for example, with a card with a personalized message.

-The shipping company. There are many companies to send our packages. But not all work the same. It is true that price can be an important factor, but considering that it is the customer who is going to pay these expenses, shouldn’t he be the one who can choose? It is more and more frequent that online commerce offers the customer the possibility of choosing between two or three companies to receive their package.

Taking into account that the service of these carriers can vary a lot from one city to another, it is avoided that someone stops buying because they do not want a specific company to take them the packages because they are not satisfied with their service. In addition, the client appreciates that since he pays, he can choose.